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Fortnightly Focus - Money

The focus for the next two weeks is money

See if you can answer all of the following money challenges:

1. How many different ways can you make £1 from 20 coins?
2. If you buy a chocolate bar for 79p with your £1 of pocket money, how much change is left?
a. How many weeks will you need to wait until you can afford to buy 2 79p chocolate bars with the change from your weekly chocolate bar?
b. If you has a week off chocolate bars after 3 weeks of buying a chocolate bar a week, how much change would you have left in total

01/02/2016 15:31

Headteacher's welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the Maiden Erlegh School VLE where you can access a wealth of information linked to our curriculum and enrichment activities for the students, and for staff and governors there is information about meetings and links on professional subjects.  

The students will also find resources and useful links for the subjects you study as well as notices about school.  Some staff may even set assessments which can be completed and submitted through the VLE.  It is important that you know how to log on and do so regularly.

Miss Davies, Headteacher.

30/09/2015 13:26

Help & Support

Students and staff experiencing issues with usernames or passwords should contact ICT Support.

03/09/2014 14:46

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